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Hand-Painted Stones - Pricing

make great Christmas Gifts, support local artisans, put money
back into our own ecomony, and are a great token of
appreciation for friends and family!
  See out E-STORE for Christmas Ideas!

Hand-Painted Stones with Gift Bags
Pricing on hand-painted stones
has as much variety as the stones themselves, making it affordable on everyone's budget.  General prices range from $10 for the smaller, simpler rocks, upward to $50 or $60 for the largner, more artistic & detailed pieces.

Many "average size" rocks (approx apple to grapefruit size) will be priced in the $30 to $40 range.  Each rock comes with an attractive colored jute drawstring bag; smaller rocks include a gift-tag; larger rocks include a gift-card.  For $5 extra, custom gift boxes with packing material are available, suitable for shipping.


Hand-Painted Stones: Pocket Rocks

are the smaller-size rocks: great for children's gifts, stocking-stuffers or light-hearted giving.  Pocket-Rocks are in the $25 to $45 price range, and include a colored Jute drawstring pouch and custom gift tag.  *Note* if you have Big Pockets, don't settle for a small Pocket Rock!


Hand-Painted Stones: FREE RANGE ROCKS

are organically-grown, chemical-free, and totally recyclable! These happy campers, as described above, range from Kiwi-fruit size to grapefruit-size.  The price range on these is approximately $55 to $85, depending on size, intricacy, design and how-much-I-like-them-and-don't-really-want-to-let-them-go!! They all come with colored Jute drawstring pouch and custom gift card.


Hand-Painted Stones: Specialty Rocks

are those at the high end of the price range.  This is because they are unusually large (from large grapefruit to small asteroid), or because they are intensely and immaculately artistic, and may one day be worth an arm & a leg.  Or thereabouts.  These rocks are priced from $95 to $200.  The large rocks can be located in herb gardens, ponds, livingroom corners, picnic tables, front porches and other visible and strategic locations.


Hand-Painted Rocks -photo of various sizes

These stones are available at listed arts-crafts events
by private viewing appointment,
and will soon be avialable ONLINE
at our E-STORE.


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