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RockStarz Hand-Painted Stone Name: TRY MYSTERY!

Description:  TRY MYSTERY! is a very unique, smooth-but-porous surface, roughtly triangular stone.  It will sit easily for display on 4 possible facets, and spin freely on one of those sides.  Its design is a simple, "Aztec-Aboriginal" motif, featuring eyes set into copper, gold, teal and purple bands and triangles.  It's design is simpler than most, but it's very appealing in its simplicity and candor.  It has a "shamanic" or "wise-owl" feel to it.

TRY MYSTERY gets its name from TRI(angle) and the sense of Mystery implied by its implication of the Third Eye, which is the Eye of Knowledge, Insight and Wisdom.

This rock confers both a sense of simplicity, focus and silence; as well as insight and intuition. This is one of our larger breeds of stones, weighing in at 1172 g = 2.58lb., including packaging.  This stone makes an excellent companion for those interested in the Healing Arts, Creativity, Spirituality or Meditation.

PRICE: $74   ( + shipping ). Please Visit our E-Store to Order.


TRY MYSTERY! - Hand-Painted Stone: front

TRY MYSTERY! - Hand-Painted Stone: back





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