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RockStarz Name: Labyrinth Luna

Description :Labyrinth Luna is a unique loaf-shaped smooth, large stone, weighing in at 3 lb, 2.3 oz. Approx dimensions are 4.5" wide, by 3" tall; about 3" deep. This rock is painted on at least 4 of its 6 sides. All sides of the rock are painted with a unique textured weave of overlapping bands of gold, bronze, emerald, mauve, teal & blue.

A beautiful rock to hold, Luna is wonderful both indoors and out and makes a fine ornament for desk & bureau as well as a decoration for garden or window-sill.

This rock will sits naturally on its "bottom" side, but will also sit on its end or back-side as well.

This rock makes a marvelous gift for those who appreciate the beauty of color combined with unique topographical design.


Labyrinth Luna - Hand-Painted Stone: front

Labyrinth Luna - Hand-Painted Stone: back

Labyrinth Luna - Hand-Painted Stone: bottom




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