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RockStarz Hand-Painted Stone Name: JOSEPH'S COAT

Description:  JOSEPH'S COAT is a large, chunky festive Ukrainian-Easter-Egg-Holiday-Delight Stone!  Say that 10 times quickly and St. Peter will bless you (but only if you send 12 friends to this website!)

Seriously now: JOSEPH'S COAT is an irregular, roughly pryamid-shape stone, with FIVE different sides it can "sit" on, and unique display patterns on each side.  Predominant colors are GOLD, COPPER & BLUE, with teal (turquoise) highlights.

This is another one of our larger irregular stones, weighing in at 1243 g = 2.74 lb, including packaging.  This stone - because of its "crumpled foil surface", reflects a lot of light and is great for ornamental purposes - both indoor and out.

Because of the irregular surface anatomy of this type of stone, and the many different facets, it will be a conversation piece for years to come!


PRICE: $98   ( + shipping ). Please Visit our E-Store to Order.


JOSEPH'S COAT - Hand Painted Stone from Rockstarz ...


Joseph's Coat - Hand-Painted Stone: front


JOSEPH'S COAT - Hand-Painted Stone: back


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