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RockStarz Hand-Painted Stone Name: ISHTAR OASIS

Description:  ISHTAR OASIS is a study of turquoise, copper & blue striping over silver, violet and crimson bands.  An egyptian eye-motif decorates the epicenter of side 1; side 2 is a colorful maize of interlacing stripes and bands. It sits easily for display on either of its two major faces.

Ishtar Oasis belongs to our large stone category, weighing in at 1007 g = 2.22 lb, including packaging. Excellent for those who love the teal (green) and purple color combo (one of my favorites), and who want a joyful, creative piece of art for counter-tops, bookcase, or office paper-weight!

PRICE: $65   ( + shipping ). Please Visit our E-Store to Order.


ISHTAR OASIS - Hand-Painted Stone: front

ISHTAR OASIS - Hand-Painted Stone: back





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