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RockStarz Hand-Painted Stone Name: DIAMOND LOVE STAR

Description:  DIAMOND LOVE STAR is a fascinating many-sided irregular stone, about the size of a large half-grapefruit.  It sits for display on two sides - back and front, with a total of over 12 distinct facets or faces to it, which are painted with individual and unique patterns. Truly a diamond-in-the-rough, this fabulous gem catches light from all angles and tells many exotic stories!

This is one of our larger irregular stones, weighing in at 1119 g = 2.47 lb, including packaging.  This stone - because of its irregular shape would be a great window-sill or bookshelf ornament, in areas where there's sufficient light and visibility to highlight the stone's many angles.

Because of the irregular surface anatomy of this type of stone, it's a little more challenging and time-consuming to paint.

PRICE: $68   ( + shipping ). Please Visit our E-Store to Order.


DIAMOND LOVE STAR - Hand-Painted Stone: front

DIAMOND LOVE STAR - Hand-Painted Stone: back






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