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RockStarz Hand-Painted Stone Name: CIRCUS DOG

Description:  CIRCUS DOG is a humorous rock.  It's kind-of a cross between a hot-dog, a Dachshund, a Walrus and a Decorated Tibetan Monk.  It's a "guy" rock, or for any girl who drives a pickup truck ("Ute" for Aussies!) ... or works at an auto parts counter.  It's cartoon-like, festive, rascally and loud.  I would give this one to Barrack Obama, but only if he stops the Oil Pipeline from desecrating our environment.  OK?

This is classes as a "large stone", weighing in at 945 g = 2.08 lb, including packaging. 

This stone is for people who love fishing on Sundays, drinking on Fridays or watching Saturday Night Live on whatever day that is.

PRICE: $82   ( + shipping ). Please Visit our E-Store to Order.


CIRCUS DOG - Hand-Painted Stone: front

CIRCUS DOG - Hand-Painted Stone: back





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