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Some rocks are simple; some are profound.
 Some are straight-forward, others are round.  Designs come to me like the wind in April.  Often the rock "calls for" its own, unique portrayal of a specific personality or character.

On the left, this one is grapefruit-size, teal, copper, gold & sapphire colors, with a heart icon in the center.



Crown jewel!

I've been giving a lot of thought to SMALL ROCKS this year. They make great gifts for kids, stocking stuffers, fun little things that you can put almost anywhere.  Like a "joy rock" that you carry in your pocket and take out to gaze upon when goings get tough! Really!  These rocks have a million uses (and Multiple Personalities as well).


Odd little Beaver Weaver

Besides “POCKET ROCKS”, I've also been experimenting with IRREGULAR ROCKS.  These are simply stones that gather my interest on a mountain or beach hike, which I deftly save from ambiguity (and a life of being tromped on by Golden Labradors & Hiking Boots).  They have odd shapes, but are interesting and captivating in their character.

They CAN pose a challenge for painting because of their odd nooks and angles, or because of a rough, pock-marked skin texture ... but that makes things all the much more Magic!  Amazing to see a fairly mundane, odd rock transformed into a little Being Of Joy!


Big Harbor Seal

To the right, is another of my archived collection of rocks (which now number in the 400 range)... which I rescued and made-over for the season.  Sometimes I would experiment with designs, then put the rock on the "back-burner" - so to speak - and pick it up 6 months or a year later to complete the design, when season and inspiration were "right".  Funny, that thing about timing and season: you can't really explain it - and you definitely can't rush it.


Mystic Mountain

Rocks do come in all shapes and sizes.  These two, right and left are a fair size; both present an odd mix of smoothness, lumps and interesting angles.  I began with almost exclusively smooth, round & eliptical rocks, when I first started experimenting with paint.  After a year or so of that, I ventured into "irregular rocks", then even into angular, jagged rocks, some of which have very interesting geometry: cubes, pyramids, hearts, arrow-heads, etc.


Each one presents unique personality, interesting geography, and challenges in terms of coming up with a design that "does the rock justice".  In other words, what would the rock speak, if it could tell a story in COLOR?  This is my true task: to allow each rock to tell its own story in its unique and magical way.



The Anatomy of Love
Labryinth Luna

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